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Tube Radio Repair

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The charge is $15 per tube plus parts. I call this my "Basic Repair Cost". All the little things I do during a repair that takes up time, are included in the "Basic Repair Cost".

 Replacement of the first 5 signal capacitors are Free!

Your approval of all repairs is obtained at every step.

Your radio is repaired to be safe and to last a long time.

 Generally, the older the radio the more it will cost to repair, especially pre-1935 models.

Radios needing extensive troubleshooting or a lot of wires replaced, will be billed at $45 per hour extra.

 What will I do with your radio? All the signal and power supply capacitors will be changed, any wires with crumbling insulation and resistors out of tolerance will be replaced. Tubes tested, a new dial string, new power cord, fuse added and a complete alignment. Then your radio is run continuously for 20 hours to make sure that it will last a long time for you.


   Typical Repair Cost:

                              5 or 6 tube radios - $180 - $250 plus shipping.

                        7 or 8 Tube Radios - $250 - $325 pus shipping

                         Pre-1935 Tube Radios - $350 to $450 plus shipping

                                             One Year Warranty

What if your radio cannot be repaired?

If your radio cannot be repaired, you will only be charged for the parts installed and the return shipping.


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 Have a Zenith tube radio, click here

Zenith TransOceanic radios

  (TO's) with leather cases. Your radio will look really nice with new black dye applied to that leather case. $75.00.

Auto Radios

Tube Radio's Only - AM Only.

Car radio's with manual tuning only, no digital displays.

Please indicate if your car is "Positive" or "Negative" ground.

Note : If the tuning control does not move the dial pointer, I cannot repair your radio. The tuner section of car radio's were not designed to be worked on.

Car Radio's with tubes, see "Typical Repair Cost" Above.