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I came home after a  business trip Thursday night.  My wife received the radio and had it out for me when I arrived.  Started it up and it looks and sounds great!  I listened to it most of the day yesterday.  Enjoyable to have this connection with my dad and grandfather. Thank you again for your time, efforts and results.  Most appreciated! 02/10-2018

The radio is beautifully refurbished.  My younger son has already claimed it for his inheritance.  I brought the old parts to work to show to some of the young engineers here who have never seen a vacuum tube or a paper capacitor. 
Thanks so much for the excellent work. 02/07/2018

THANK YOU again. The Zenith Royal is awesome. The parts guys brought it up to me yesterday and I was so busy with a customer that I couldn’t open it right away. When I finally did, I went out to the showroom where my coworkers were and turned it on. We were all waiting to see what would be on it and the first station I found was ELVIS “Return To Sender”!!! All is well and I am very happy with your work. 09/2017

Thanks Tom, we enjoyed seeing you too.  You made Steve so happy to finally get his radio working.  He has been waiting so long.  I appreciate you being so nice to deal with, thank you for your kindness. 5/2017

The radio arrived this afternoon right on schedule. The repair is a gift to our son who had been enjoying the radio since we downsized six years ago and gave it to him.  When it stopped working for him late last year, he requested its repair for his Christmas gift. I would like to thank you for your prompt replies to my emails and for your very clear and through instructions.  It made the process a lot less stressful. 5/2017

Tom the Zenith Trans Oceanic B600 is gorgeous and plays like new!  Hats off to you and your amazing work ....I am ecstatic with this Zenith.  I am so happy to have
found your service.  The dial light what a great surprise nice work sir.  The dial light certainly gives the radio a delightful illumination and soft feel..The friend who I bugged to acquire this piece would certainly be is immediately another favorite as is the H500 you restored for me.  Am listening to WLW 700 from Ohio right now crystal clear. Till the next radio project the utmost respect for what you do with these wonderful pieces of history.  2/21/2017

Tom, I am very pleased with the radio. Your kindness and knowledge is appreciated. It was well worth the money! 11/2016

The 1940 Detrola Model 305 arrived safely today and is playing on an local
  "old fart" 24- hour radio station out of San Antonio as I write. It is a joy once 
 again to have a radio from my childhood era playing in the background with
  the warm glow of vacuum tubes casting off their shadowy glow.  You did a beautiful job in restoring this working piece of history! 4/2016.

Hi tom.   The radio arrived today safe and sound.   It looks great and plays fantastic.  Thanks so much for great customer service.   4/2016

Our radio just arrived in great shape. It looks and sounds fantastic! Your repair and cleaning far exceeded our expectations. Rest assured we will recommend you to anyone who needs your help! 3/2016

Our radio arrived yesterday afternoon. My wife and I immediately  opened the box and played the radio. The tone and volume were excellent. We wish to thank you for your work and are very pleased that we located you.   Thank you again for the excellent work on our dear old Zenith. 6/2015

Thanks again for all the great work… I could hardly recognize the radio when Igot it back it looked so good.  You are a true craftsman and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to have Restoration work done! 4/2015

Hello Tom, put the chassis and speaker in the cabinet and listened to the radio for about 2 hours. It works great. It never sounded so good and I never saw the dial lighted that I can remember. Brought back a lot of good memories.

Fantastic job on my Watterson radio.  Wish my Grandfather was here to see it.  Appreciate the fast turnaround and quality workmanship… and definitely the fairness on pricing.

After months of looking for the “right” one, you’ve got it working. Tom, you do more than restore radios – you make dreams come alive….thank you again.”
The restored radio came undamaged and is beautiful.  You should be 
proud of your abilities in your craft.  I can hardly wait to give it 
my wife (probably Christmas) as a very special gift.

I just reinstalled the tubes and the Detrola sprang to life immediately. You're right this radio sounds great. It also looks great. I know what you had to work with, so I am very impressed. What a handsome device. You've exceeded my expectations.

I just received the radio this morning and I have to stay your work is stunning! I had no hope of ever having this old radio in as wonderful of shape and working order as you have managed. I have put your link on my Facebook timeline to at least help advertise your services in a small way. Again, I cannot express how appreciative and taken aback I am by your extraordinary work.

I pulled that dude out of the box and plugged it in.  Hmmm... new power cord.  Hey, speaker covering new.  I plugged that dude in and powered her up! It reminds me of my boyhood when we'd listen to the news on the radio.  Wow! that AM/FM switch has never worked better.  We have several AM "dinosaur" stations around here and I tuned into NPR.  Dave Ramsey, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, etc. has never sounded better.  (I actually PAID for XM satellite at one time that wasn't nearly this good!)     There is just something about a tube radio that cannot be duplicated by anything else.  I'm thinking of trashing my BOSE wave radio!  (Just kidding!) 

This radio is like new. Absolutely like new. Everything you've done for us has been top quality but this Zenith is flawless. The whole outside of this unit - the new, old-style power cord - the new dial-cover (where? how?) - the new antenna - even new felt washers behind the dials. The old parts always returned, just like a professional mechanic in any industry does - this is really impressive work, Tom.

Hi Tom - I just received the radio. I have to tell you, I was having a hard time paying that much for the restoration since it was more than the radio is worth, but it looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. My father is going to be absolutely thrilled when he sees it! I also appreciate you sending back the bad parts and including the schematic.

tom ,  i got my radio! and was as excited as a child on Christmas when i saw how good it looks, sounds and performs !!  thanks, you did a great job.....better than i could have hoped for.

I received the radio yesterday.  I put it all back together and bolted it back into the chassis.  My dads face was absolutely priceless as he was tuning in stations.  I can't thank you enough.  It sounds beautiful.

I just wanted you to know what a great job you did restoring my Zenith radio. I listen to it often and will no doubt hand it down to one of my kids. Again great job,  thanks,

The radio you repaired for me just arrived this afternoon. It sounds like my first one did back in 1959 when it was new! I wish all the repairmen I need to hire will be as
professional and competent as you are.

I received the radio today in the mail. It sounds better than it has in 20 years. The sound is clear and there is no crackling noise each time it is turned on. Thank you very much again for your fine work.

What a great job on the radio! It turned out better than I could have imagined. We have fun with receiving radio broadcasts from around the world. The neighborhood gals are coming tonight for book club and I can't wait to show it off!

I wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with your services. My old 1948 Philco not only looks great but it is filling my home with a sound that hasn't been heard for many years. The radio just looks and sounds terrific.

What a thrill to hear the radio play again. It is better now than when I first got it. Thanks for doing such a good job on the radio.

WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! Sorry Tom, but I just had to say it again.