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  Turn around Time 6 - 8 Weeks Average

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Are you frustrated because you cannot find out how much it will cost to repair your radio?????

   Look no more!!!!

For Pricing please see the "Tube and Transistor" repair pages to the left.

To send in your radio, see the "Send In your Radio" page to the left.

Typical Repair Cost:

5 or 6 tube radios - $175.00 - $250 plus shipping.

Pre-1935 radios  - $195 to $345.00 plus shipping

Transistor Radios - $70.00 Flat Rate

Transistor Car Radio's - $45.00/Hour - 2 Hour Minimum

Tube Car Radio's - see "Tube Radio Repair " page to the left.

Transistor Multiband Radios -$45.00/Hour - 2 Hour Minimum


CAUTION: Do not plug in your radio if it has been sitting in the garage for the past ten years! You could get a shock and maybe damage your radio. 

Note: The worse thing you can do to any antique tube or transistor radio is to not play it! They are full of mechanical switches and contacts that need to be operated. The radio will not last longer if not used. Just the opposite. So play and enjoy your refurbished radio.     

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Want to stream music to your Antique Radio from your Smartphone, iPod or MP3 Player?

Go to EBay or Amazon and search for "Bluetooth Music Receiver" to connect via Bluetooth. To send FM to your antique radio, search for an "FM to AM convertor" (these are becoming rare).  Both items can be connected to the Phono input of your radio (if it has one) or I can install a 3.5mm connector for $40 in most cases.

 The example unit below, shows that it has the cables to connect to the 3.5mm installed connector or to the Phono input of your radio. If connecting to the Phono input, you will need the "stereo to mono" adapter (also shown below).

 Notice the male connector coming from the unit. Make sure your device looks the same.

        Gold Plated 1 to 2 RCA Phono AV Audio Video Double Splitter Adapter Mono Stereo

Stereo to mono Phono adapter



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